GLS21 Notes: Reclaim the Grind & Take Ground

Published August 5, 2021

If leadership were easy, everyone would do it. Anyone can start something, but it takes a leader to finish it. Anyone can celebrate a win, but it takes a leader to endure a loss. Anyone can get excited about the future, but it takes a leader to stay committed to the daily grind.

At The Global Leadership Summit, Rich Wilkerson Jr. helped us to learn to rename, reframe and remain so we can reclaim the grind and take ground in our leadership.

Enjoy these official session notes to help you dive deeper into what you learned! 

Rich Wilkerson Jr

  The Reality of the Grind
    • Outlook will determine the outcome.
    • Great outcomes don’t happen overnight, they happen over time.
    • From here to there is a big space and it’s filled with one word: the grind. The grind is laborious work.
    • So much of what you do is unheard, unseen and un-thanked.
    • Jesus healed 10 men of leprosy but only one came back to say, “thank you.”
    • 90% of what you do in leadership will go un-thanked.
    • A great marriage, family and career are a grind. In order to see a dream come to pass, you’ll have to grind through it.
    • So many leaders are not lost in some epic battle, it’s the monotony.
    • How I steward the mundane moments will create the great moments.
Rename the Grind
    • Names bring about an identity.
    • Identity brings about purpose.
    • Everything you are facing in this season is preparing you for the next season. Rename it; call it preparation.
    • Maybe it’s boring; call it research & development.
    • Maybe you’re stressed out, rename it to stretch.
    • God won’t multiply what you fail to maximize. Every season you’re in has a purpose.
    • Everybody’s goal is the same: BIG. We think bigger is better. We must remember that everything big used to be small. Big is a state of mind.
    • I’m letting my purpose dictate my feelings.
Reframe the Grind
    • If you don’t see what you’re doing differently, you’ll get tired.
    • We don’t see things as they are; we see things as we are. We have a poisoned perspective which prevents progress.
    • The healthiest mindset a leader can take on is a mindset of gratitude. Things you appreciate tend to get better. Things you don’t, tend to get worse.
    • We live in a comparison culture. We’re comparing our story to someone else’s story. It stops us and robs us of gratitude.
    • Instagram is a lie. We’re not posting our bad days.
    • Perfectionism robs us. We don’t just want to be good; we want to be the best. It robs us of seeing the beauty of where we are right now.
    • The Silver Medal Syndrome – Bronze medal winners are happier in life than silver medal winners. Silver medal winners are so consumed with the gold. The bronze medal winner is so aware that it could have been worse.
Remain in the Grind
    • What you’re doing is so meaningful–it matters.
    • This is a season about posture. After everything you’ve done to stand, stand firm.
    • Make up your mind before Monday, I’m going to remain in the grind.
    • My dad would throw us into situations where he knew we would fail. It’s not about what would happen to you in life, but how you responded to what happened to you.
    • He would take us door-to-door. Somewhere between the 3rd and 4th house, things change.
    • Even when you face failure, rejection, you decide, I’m going to remain in the grind.
    • When you choose to rename, reframe, remain, we develop resilience.
    • The righteous man falls seven times, but he gets back up.


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